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Healthy Outlook Archive

Dec. 26, 2004 Thinking Ahead Helps Avoid Tragedy
Dec. 12, 2004 Stay On Top of Medications To Avoid Trips To The ER
Nov. 28, 2004 Doctor Provides Answers To Common Flu Questions
Nov. 14, 2004 It's Never Too Late To Quit Smoking And Save Your Health
Oct. 31, 2004 Groups Offer Healing Support For Cancer Patients
Oct. 17, 2004 Stay Calm On Flu Shot Shortage
Sept. 19, 2004 Prostate Cancer Presents Tough Choices
Sept. 04, 2004 No Time Like Present To Update Immunizations
Aug. 21, 2004 HIV/AIDS Still a Serious U.S. Problem
Aug. 08, 2004 Parents Must Model Responsible Driving for Teenagers
July 25, 2004 Don't Delay Getting Help For Hemorrhoids
July 11, 2004 Lower Your Salt Intake to Bring Down Swelling
June 26, 2004 Exercise Can be Prescription for Combating Illness
June 13, 2004 Devices, Calls Make Difference Between Life, Death
May 30, 2004 More Than Just A Cough, Pertussis Can Be Fatal
May 15, 2004 Rx for a Healthy Life: Medical Insurance
May 01, 2004 Stigma Undercuts Efforts to Treat Mental Illness
April 18, 2004 Try Altering Perception, Reaction to Bust Out of Stress
April 04, 2004 Beta-Blockers Can Help Make Surgeries Safer
March 20, 2004 Tuberculosis still a cause for concern in East Bay
March 06, 2004 Keep track of pills for doctor's, your own sake
Feb. 21, 2004 Small Steps Can Head off Child Obesity
Feb. 07, 2004 Dental care can prevent trouble at school
Jan. 24, 2004 Skip Days, Not Weeks, to Offset Pill Side Effects
Jan. 10, 2004 Acne Treatments Take Care Of Mind, Body