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Preventing Chronic Disease

A Guide For Local Health Departments

Chronic disease has replaced infectious disease as the leading killer in the U.S. To effectively address this issue local health departments cannot act alone. We have developed a model for chronic disease prevention that focuses on organizing many segments of the community... [more] -- Wendel Brunner, MD, Director of Public Health, Contra Costa County

This community-based approach to chronic disease prevention in underserved communities at high risk for disease was developed by the Community Wellness & Prevention Program and founded on the work of the Chronic Disease Prevention Organizing Project (CDPOP). Each of the main sections contain steps for implementation.


Developing A Comprehensive Community-Based Approach

  • Collaboration with communities to set a shared agenda
  • Coordination of internal resources


Mobilizing Neighborhoods

  • Major steps in organizing communities


Working with Health Coalitions

  • Collaboration to accomplish shared goals


Working with Community-Based Organizations

  • Joint identification of concerns, priorities and plan of action


Launching A Media Advocacy Campaign

  • how to use the media to promote chronic disease prevention


A Participatory Evaluation Approach

  • how to incorporate evaluation into the planning process from the start


Sample charts & forms, interview questions, worksheets, tips on talking to the media

Additional Information

About the Chronic Disease Prevention Organizing Project

Case Study

Read how the health department shifted its traditional role and began collaborating with the community to address chronic disease.

Print the Guidebook

Download the entire CDPOP Guidebook in PDF format for convenient printing.

Funding provided by The Partnership for the Public's Health, a program of the Public Health Institute, through a grant from The California Endowment.

Content provided by the The Community Wellness & Prevention Program of Contra Costa Health Services.

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