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Contra Costa Health Services


Preventing Chronic Disease

Outcomes in Contra Costa

Working in partnership with communities, organizations, institutions and others, CDPOP scored a number of successes in three years:

  • In the first year, a local cable television station partnered with CDPOP to produce an award-winning video highlighting community efforts to eliminate risk factors for chronic disease. The film aired more than two dozen times on the station, which serves 285,000 homes. A facilitator's guide was later developed, and the video was presented to numerous community and school groups as a stimulus for discussion.
  • That same year, staff at Contra Costa Health Services established a committee to address collaboration on a continuing basis. Staff working on injury, violence and chronic disease prevention began working together to develop joint programs and media campaigns.
  • In year two, resident leaders of two low-income, ethnically diverse neighborhoods received hands-on training in public health issues and identified risk factors for chronic disease in their communities. They developed and carried out action plans to increase physical activity among residents and create a healthier community environment by improving neighborhood safety and appearance.
  • At the same time, a collaborative of agencies joined forces to address nutrition, physical activity and long-term stress with low-income preschoolers and their families.
  • In year three, the health department convened its first cross-divisional team, which developed a vision and is now implementing a comprehensive strategy for addressing asthma, an emerging community concern.

For more about CDPOP, see the Case Study of Chronic Disease Prevention: The Contra Costa Experience (217k PDF, 6pp.).

Content provided by the The Community Wellness & Prevention Program of Contra Costa Health Services.

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