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Preferred Drug List

for CCHP Members

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The PDL is only a listing of preferred medications; if your provider has clinical reasons to choose a second line agent, they will need to complete a prior authorization form and contact the health plan. For Medi-Cal members, your provider should contact Medi-Cal Rx. For our other members please refer to your "Evidence of Coverage" (EOC) for information about co-pays and exclusions to coverage for your specific situation. Most over-the-counter (OTC) medication is not covered, except where specified, and medical supplies and devices are not included in the PDL.

View the most recent version of the PDL (Basic Health Care | Commercial). Please note that the PDL is only available in English; if Spanish services are needed, please contact the CCHP pharmacy unit at the number below.


  1. All CCHP members and recipients of county health programs are subject to the PDL protocols.
  2. All prescriptions must be filled at a CCHP network pharmacy. A list of local pharmacies is provided below.
  3. All questions regarding the PDL, covered drugs, prior authorizations, or other pharmacy related matters should be addressed to the CCHP pharmacy unit at:

    925-957-7260 (option 2).