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Service Excellence Awards

2023 (January and February )

Joan Aubin, PHN
Public Health
For being an amazing nurse advocate and protective force acting on behalf of those who can’t. For always being responsive and available when I had questions or needed direction. For going the extra mile, never accepting the status quo, and pushing through until a matter was resolved. For her attention to detail, diligence, kindness and support.

-Nominated by a Client

Jennifer Casagranda
Psychiatric Technician
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers
For single handedly keeping the psych units on their toes when it comes to following policy and procedure especially concerning Infection Control. For going the extra mile when given a task and going above and beyond to complete it.

-Nominated by DeAnn Bologna

Kathleen Cyr
Contracts and Grants Specialist II
For working with me for over a year in amending, starting and renewing some challenging contracts. For her patience when walking me through the process and for being proactive in trying to get these contracts executed, resulting in better service to our patients. For going the extra mile to assist me with all my questions, providing clarification and guidance.

-Nominated by Nati Flores

Alina Faramazyan, MD
Behavioral Health
For going above and beyond to provide very thorough and in-depth training for all the MDs and Nurse Practitioners at Central Adult Mental Health, ensuring that all their needs are addressed.

-Nominated by Amarpreet Gill and Terry Ahad

Victor Guzman-Neyra
Clerk-Experienced Level
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers For going the extra mile to update staffing software (API) for Nursing Schedulers, saving many hours of work.

-Nominated by Sally Barnett

Paul Juranovich
Mental Health Clinical Specialist
Behavioral Health
For going above and beyond when helping clients on the Access line by ensuring they get connected to services, while also being supportive and providing consults to the team. For listening to and validating clients, offering encouragement to motivate them to connect to services.

-Nominated by Emilio Perdomo

Henri Keeling, LVN
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers
For going the extra mile with patience and respect when assisting with our most difficult patients. For working his magic to ensure that everyone is safe.

-Nominated by DeAnn Bologna

Erika Mendoza
Clerk-Specialist Level
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers
For going above and beyond to train me in staffing at the Pittsburg Health Center all while maintaining a very heavy workload. For going the extra mile to provide internal customer service.

-Nominated by April Phillips

Tsige Metagesha, RN
Ambulatory Care Clinic Supervisor
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers
For rising to meet the needs and elevate the standard of care for pediatric patients throughout all clinic sites in the county. For being our champion for Pediatric QIP measures, finding new ways to meet the needs of our patients, even going the extra mile by finding the best models for our patient education flyers. For always being willing to pilot new pediatric workflows or projects at Miller Wellness Center including autism referral processing, POC lead testing, exploring the possibility of providing Synagis, providing patient outreach, and obtaining state newborn screening results. For collaborating with other health centers to ensure her nurses are trained and up to speed on the best way to do things. For holding herself to the highest possible standard of care and asking her team to elevate their own expectations to offer the best possible care for all their patients. For being willing to try something new if it means providing better or safer care. For our gratitude to have Tsige as a partner in our improvement efforts.

-Nominated by Deirdre Burns and the Ambulatory Pediatric Unit

Rodel Miyamoto
Institutional Services Aide
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers
For his immaculate cleaning skills. For giving his best in everything he does, willingly taking on extra tasks and always with a smile.

-Nominated by DeAnn Bologna

Nathalie Sterne
Homeless Services Specialist
Public Health
For her willingness to test new workflows and provide thoughtful, patient-centered feedback to support improvement. For consistently delivering high quality services and demonstrating a tireless commitment to caring for the unhoused. For being a dependable presence who never shies away from answering questions, sharing her experience, and offering support.

-Nominated by Alison Stribling

Thomas Tighe
Mental Health Program Chief
Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers
For going the extra mile to fill vacant positions to alleviate staff burn-out from increased workloads relating to staffing insufficiencies. For being proactive in asking staff what they need to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively, presenting resolutions to problems, and keeping staff informed of the progress towards those resolutions.

-Nominated by Lori Belhumeur

Mariano Vasquez
Social Worker
Public Health
For his prompt action in obtaining additional care-provider hours for a client who recently had surgery. For taking the time with a follow-up call to me on the same day of his visit and providing updated information. For sharing knowledgeable information with the client so they can obtain more hours if needed. For his wonderful support to my client and myself.

-Nominated by Noelia Gomez Gonzalez

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