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Strategic Planning Process

Technology, climate change, shifting demographics, population growth — these are just some of the factors that will transform what health looks like over the next three decades. Envision Health is Contra Costa Health Services' effort to work with communities and key audiences to proactively think about and plan for health realities 10, 20 and even 30 years into the future.

Over the next few months in 2019, CCHS will be working internally and with the community to better understand what the future of health will look like and how we can collectively address the changing realities we will face. 

Ensuring, promoting and protecting the health of everyone in Contra Costa, especially our most vulnerable, demands that we be thoughtful, proactive and bold. We cannot afford to be stuck with plans that respond to yesterday's realities. We owe it to our community to step out of our comfort zone, peer into the future and work with both existing and non-traditional partners to create a future system of health that advances the health of all Contra Costa while being responsive to our changing world.

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