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File a Grievance

Consumers may file a written or oral grievance at any time regarding the provision of mental health services. To file a grievance contact: Consumer Assistant, Grievance Advocate or Quality Management & Improvement Coordinator. The Consumer Assistant and Grievance Advocate can help you fill out the grievance form.

Important Information You Should Know

1. If you need assistance with completing this form:

  • You may ask any Consumer Assistant who is a staff person at each program to assist you.
  • You may call the Grievance Advocate (not a direct County employee) at 925-521-1231. Collect calls accepted.

2. You may authorize another person to act on your behalf if you sign a Release of Information form for that person to know confidential information.

3. You may, in addition to this form, submit written materials and present additional clinical or medical evidence in support of your position at the hearing.

4. Within sixty (60) working days of receipt of a grievance, the Quality Improvement Coordinator will review the grievance and provide a decision on the grievance. This timeframe may be extended by you for up to 14 days by request, or by the Mental Health Plan determines that there is a need for additional information and that the delay is in the your interest.

5. Client/families will not be subject to any manner of discrimination, penalty, sanction or restriction for exercising their appeal rights.

6. For Additional information, please call:

  • Office of Quality Improvement 925-957-5160
  • Mental Health Access Line 1-888-678-7277

Contra Costa Health Services Mental Health Consumer Grievance Procedures Policy